2020 the Year to Take Recruitment on the Road

Although the British unemployment rate remains at its lowest since 1975, with only 3.9% of individuals out of work, the number of vacancies remains considerable with an estimated 800,000 job vacancies on the market.

With so many vacancies and few candidates, the ‘Battle for Talent’ remains ruthless as companies struggle to find and retain skilled employees. As a result, the UK is facing a “skill shortage“, costing organizations more than £6.3 billion a year. A shortage said to grow in the coming years of Brexit.

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Faced with these employment circumstances, organizations need to rethink their current hiring process. But could take their recruitment on the road be the solution for attracting the best talent and reducing employee turnover?

Welcome, Recruitment Roadshows

roadshows are gaining momentum as the go-to hiring tactic for attracting the
best UK talent. By taking the recruitment process on the road, visiting
different prime locations, recruiters can meet candidates in-person, streamline
the interview process and attract talent further afield.

Recruitment roadshows are ideal for organizations looking for specific skill sets, to mass hire for a new business division or to streamline their hiring process. When executed well, recruitment roadshows have the power to turn candidates into valuable employees.

Here are four reasons why your organization should take your hiring on the road in 2020 with a recruitment roadshow:

Expands Your Talent Search

the UK’s skill shortage to find talented candidates that possess the right
skills and experience can be a challenge, but by taking your recruitment
process on the road, you can expand your search.

By visiting different locations and heading directly to candidates, talent will favor your company for reaching out and making the hiring process more convenient. Recruitment roadshows also cut out the need for skype interviews from candidates further afield who may be looking to relocate.

Meet Candidates Face-to-Face

45% of new hires quit
their role in 2019

because their day-to-day role didn’t match what they expected.

As recruitment roadshows allow organizations to meet their candidates face-to-face, recruiters can communicate current job roles in-depth and in-person, preventing any job description miscommunications.

Candidates can ask questions and determine whether to continue with their application, while recruiters can screen candidates if they believe they don’t have the necessary skills or experience required.

Streamlines the Hiring Process

The number one pain
point for candidates
is slow
feedback and delayed decision making from potential employers.

some delays are inevitable, a painfully slow or multi-tier recruitment process
can cause candidates to lose interest and talent to find employment elsewhere.

Depending on the set-up, a recruitment roadshow can remove the need for skimming hundreds of CVs, initial phone interviews and screens out candidates who are not right for the role or company, allowing for a more speedy yet thorough hiring process.

Creates a Candidate-Centric Experience

Candidates who are satisfied with their recruitment experience are 38% more likely to accept a job offer. Regardless of whether they get a job offer, applicants who are satisfied with their recruitment experience are more likely to recommend the hiring organizations to others.

roadshows are an informal recruitment tactic that leaves behind the typical
hiring protocols that candidates often find overwhelming, such as waiting in
reception or seeing other employees at work.

Whether utilizing a roadshow truck vehicle creating an immersive experience or hiring different event spaces, recruitment roadshows are completely customizable allowing you to create a relaxed and welcoming environment that mirrors your company.

With recruitment roadshows, recruiters can choose to hose experiential activities to further engage candidates and make pre-hiring easier. Activities may include icebreakers, personality quizzes or role-relevant tests to find the ‘best’. For example, a company looking to hire a developer may challenge candidates to a coding test and only choose to interview the top scorers.

About the author: Dawn Ellis works at The Events Structure, which provides a range of roadshow trailers for recruitment and other applications to a diverse range of clients worldwide, including Mastercard, Amazon, Virgin, and the British Army.

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