6 Innovative Ways to Use AI in 2019

It is quite right to say that AI has now become an integral part of the human resource. All credit goes to technology when it comes to complete transformation in the recruitment process. And it is obvious from the fact that recruiters are seeing a massive reduction in their workload. We saw many discussions on the role of AI in recruitment in 2018. And as per the current scenario, this trend will continue to remain the hot topic even in 2019.

According to the Harvey Nash Human Resources 2017 Survey, 40% of HR leaders believe that AI will take over their workplace operations in the next 2-5 years.

The reason recruiters are using AI is:

  • It eliminates bias.
  • It speeds up the recruitment process.
  • It enhances the candidate experience.

With 2018 coming to an end, check out how AI will be put into use in recruitment in the next year:

1. Chatbots

One of the best creations of AI, chatbots take away most of the work of recruiters by screening candidates, asking them questions and answering their queries. They speed up the recruitment process and also deliver a positive candidate experience through prompt replies.

A few popular chatbots are Mya and Olivia.

2. Resume Parser

A parser can never be outdated. It is an excellent way to sort out resumes. Extracting data from resumes and saving the info in data fields is what it does. There is no need to go through each resume manually. You can speed up your recruitment process by using this software.

3. Write Perfect Job Descriptions

A job description is the first step to attract candidates. Make your job descriptions clear, precise and easy to understand. Use a JD parser to help the candidate easily understand the description.

4. Video Interviews

What to do if you want to have a face-to-face interview with a candidate who lives in another state or country and cannot visit your office? Video interviews are the answer to this challenge. It allows you to judge a candidate’s behavior, communication skills and reactions to situational questions. A fantastic way to judge speech patterns and facial expressions of candidates.

5. Virtual Reality

This concept is gaining popularity. Give a real-time experience to candidates about the company culture and environment in which the candidate has to work. This method is quite helpful for candidates to decide if they want to join the company. What an amazing hi-tech fashion way to let the candidate take the feel of your office by sitting at just one place!

6. Predictive Analytics

How about knowing how candidates will perform when they become employees? Predictive Analytics help in identifying the future behavior of candidates. Based on this approach, it becomes easy to make hiring decisions.

Every organization looks at increasing its productivity and generating better results. With AI, the sky is the limit for us. Let’s wait for 2019 and see more innovations which are on their way as AI is all set to dominate the recruitment industry.

Do you know about any other ways through which AI can influence recruitment? Share with us.

About the author: Lovepreet Dhaliwal works with RChilli Inc, a leading resume parsing software provider which helps in speeding up your recruitment process. An MBA in HR and marketing, he has over six years of work experience in business development and strategic sales.

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