How thyssenkrupp Engineered a Culture for Tomorrow


Elevators. Submarines. High-speed trains. What’s the common denominator? The answer is thyssenkrupp, a German industrial conglomerate with some 150k employees.

Dr. Stefan Schmitt is Head of Human Resources Strategy at thyssenkrupp. He tells us how the company stands out in its way of working – keeping the sense of belonging and promoting strong collaboration. This, of course, shines through in their employer brand.

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In this episode you’ll learn about:

  • thyssenkrupp’s culture and why Dr. Stefan Schmitt has been there for over 10 years!
  • Why #together makes their proposition as an employer unique
  • The talent challenges at thyssenkrupp
  • How Dr. Stefan Schmitt and his team measure employer branding, and why their metrics focus on candidate experience
  • The harsh lessons the team at thyssenkrupp have learned along
  • Dr. Stefan Schmitt’s top 3 tips for employer brand managers
  • What’s next for thyssenkrupp’s employer brand

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