The Employer Brand of Macy’s


Today we’re speaking to an American department store chain founded in 1858 in Cincinnati Ohio. How do they manage employer branding?

All shall be revealed in this interview with James Marable who is Manager, Employer Brand at Macy’s.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • All about James’ role as Employer Brand Manager at Macy’s.
  • What the corporate culture is like at Macy’s.
  • About Macy’s EVP and what differentiates them.
  • What talent attraction challenges Macy’s are currently faced with.
  • About some of Jame’s favorite achievements within employer brand at Macy’s.
  • About some of the mistakes James has made and what he has learned from them.
  • How they measure the ROI of their employer brand efforts.
  • What the future is like for Macy’s and employer brand in general.

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